Powers of Attorney



We strongly recommend the benefits of granting a Power of Attorney to all our clients to cater for occasions when you are unable to look after your own affairs, in relation to both your finances & administrative matters and your health & welfare, whether temporarily or permanently.

A Power of Attorney is an insurance against the “what ifs” should you ever lose mental capacity or are otherwise unable to cope with looking after your own affairs. Invariably, we expect our nearest and dearest “to do the right thing” should we ever be unable to look after our own affairs, but if your next of kin has also lost capacity there would be a problem.

Losing capacity can happen at any age and so establishing a Power of Attorney and appointing trusted people to look after your affairs, should you be unable to do so yourself, is a form of insurance, which may never be needed, but can guarantee piece of mind for you and your loved ones.



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