Guardianships and Intervention Orders


Should a loved one lose the ability to look after their own financial affairs or welfare decisions without having organised a Power of Attorney, it may necessitate family or next of kin having to apply to the local Sheriff Court to be appointed as an Intervenor or Guardian so that they have the power to look after that persons affairs under the supervision of the Office of the Public Guardian. We can help you navigate the Court process so you can ultimately look after your love one’s  financial health and welfare.

The court process is lengthy and very expensive and it is recommended that this be avoided wherever possible. But where there is no Power of Attorney in place, it may be the only way to proceed. It is possible to avoid that stalemate by planning ahead. It is because of the complexities and costs of that Court process that we recommend the ‘insurance’ and peace of mind that a Power of Attorney in hand can bring.

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